What Are the Best Fitting Jeans for a Big Bottom and Little Waist?


The best jeans to wear for a big bottom, and a little waist, are stretchy flare jeans that you can get at most popular retail stores. You can wear a belt if they are a bit big for your waist.
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My sister has the same problem! I take her to second hand or thrift stores (like Goodwill) to find jeans that fit. She has the best luck there, because they are worn in to fit her
sherry- hi! i hope you're doing well. my best suggestion would be to try either abercrombie jeans, or perhaps the custom made levi's. abercrombie jeans would probably work well for
I've had to do this alteration on almost all of my jeans and pants. Everything fits but the waist and gaps in the back. Belts don't help because the gap is still there. Expensive
Measure at the top of your hips dude. And also measure the waist of the pants- maybe they aren't really 34, might be larger than that. But most guys' natural waist is higher than
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