Characteristics of a Solid?


Solids are one of the ways in which matter exists and they have the following characteristics: a fixed volume, a fixed shape, they are not easily compressible and they do not flow easily. The other ways in which matter exists is in liquid and gaseous form.
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it's molecules are attached together,it have there own shape.
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Solid prisms can take upon a rectangular shape and its volume is
A solid has molecules that are packed tightly together and the object holds its shape. Hope this helps just say if you need more info! I got your email, just email me your other questions
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Solid is one of the classical states of matter. Others are liquid and gas. Solid is defined by its rigidity and resistance. It resists changes in shape and volume. Solid does not take the shape of its container like liquid nor does it expand to fill space like gas.
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The main difference between crystalline solids and amorphous solids is that crystalline substances have characteristic geometry while amorphous solids do not. ...
Characteristics of matter include solid state, liquid state, and gas state. Solid matter is anything that holds a particular shape and size such as an apple, dime ...
Three characteristics of all metals are that they have luster, they're generally solid at room temperature and their malleable. Other characteristic of metals ...
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