What Are the Characteristics of Living Things?


The following are the characteristics of living things: they are all comprised of one or more units known as cells; they reproduce sexually or asexually and they are also characterised with growth and development. Living things also obtain and use energy, and respond to their environment.
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Living things are made of cells. Living things obtain and use energy. Living things grow and develop. Living things reproduce. Living things can respond to a stimulus. Living things
To be living, an organism must be able to do, or have, All of the following at least once: made of. at least. one cell. made of water and carbon. genetic material. metabolism- *ingestion
The simple answer to this, is that if something doesn't have the 10 essential characteristics of life, it is most likely non-living.
There are 7 things that all living things do: Take in and use gases Produce waste Reproduce Grow Respond to stimuli Take in and use energy Move
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The characteristics of living things are growth, organization (composed of cells), metabolism, homeostasis, reponse to stimuli, reproduction and adaptation.
Non-living things may display one or a few of these characteristics, but life displays all of these characteristics.
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