What Are the Characteristics of Living Things?


The following are the characteristics of living things: they are all comprised of one or more units known as cells; they reproduce sexually or asexually and they are also characterised with growth and development. Living things also obtain and use energy, and respond to their environment.
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NREGRIM. Nutrition, reproduces, excrete, grows, respires, intelligence, moves. Nathan. Runs. Every. Great. Race. In. May.
Living things are composed of cells. These cells are organized into groups such as organelles, molecules and other multicellular classifications. Not only should cells be organized,
The Nine Characteristics of Living Things: 1. Organization 2.
living things they eat they move they reproduce they have feelings living things have feelings like thirsty , hungry and all they give birth to young ones (reproduction)but the mode
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The characteristics of living things are growth, organization (composed of cells), metabolism, homeostasis, reponse to stimuli, reproduction and adaptation.
Non-living things may display one or a few of these characteristics, but life displays all of these characteristics.
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