Characteristics of Metamorphic Rocks?


Some of the characteristics of metamorphic rocks are that they rarely have fossils, pores or openings. They are also composed of only one mineral. These type of rocks form deep in the earth where high temperature, great pressure, and chemical reactions cause one type of rock to change into another type of rock.
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Some metamorphic rocks exhibit what is called schistosity. Metamorphic rocks like granite gneiss and biotite schist are have high schistosity because they are heavily banded or foliated
It changes, it's hard, it's pretty.
Some characteristics of metamorphic rocks are: classified by
Below are the major characteristics of metamorphic rocks. 1. Classified by texture and composition. 2. Rarely has fossils. 3. May react with acid. 4. May have alternate bands of light
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Metamorphic rocks are any rocks that exist because of a transformation, either from physical pressure or chemicals. Metamorphic means change in form. ...
A metamorphic rock is the convertion or transformion of a rock type that exists which can also be called protolith in a process known as metamorphism. A metamorphic ...
Metamorphic rocks are formerly igneous or sedimentary rocks that have now morphed into another type of rock due to pressure and the build up of heat. ...
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