Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks?


Sedimentary rocks are rocks formed by weathered rock debris and have the following characteristics: they have the fossils of plants in them, the rocks are stratified, the rocks are porous and they erode easily than other rock types. These rocks are distinct from igneous rocks.
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Sedimentary rock has several characteristics which make it possible to distinguish from other rock types. Clastic sedimentary rock is composed of particles of previously existing
There are no characteristics, only classifications. Classification. Sedimentary rocks are classified into three groups. These groups are clastic, chemical precipitate and biochemical
The characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks is
1. Understand that sedimentary rocks are made up of sediments of rocks and debris that change over time from the elements, particularly water. These sediments, or pieces, are reformed
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Layering is the single most characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks result from erosion. This eroded material ends up at the bottom of the ...
Sedimentary rock structure is when a rock forms due to the decomposition of materials on the earth surface and water bodies underneath. Examples of the sedimentary ...
The age of sedimentary rock can vary quite a bit since it is still being formed. Sedimentary rock is formed by layers of sediment being pressurized and forming ...
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