Consequences of Racism?


One of the consequences of racism is serving a sentence if found guilty by a court of law. According to the Public Order Act, and the Crime and Disorder act of 1998, racism is outlawed. If one experiences racism, you can report it to your local police station.
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Consequences surrounding "Racism" are as varied as the people that are involved (which is to say wide / a lot). Most reactions to racism, racial comments or slurs, are negative
Harlem in NYC, The south side of chicago , Roxbury in Boston , Huff in Cleveland , South Central los angeles and many other racially segregated slums in cities throughout America.
Impatience. Good things really do come to those who wait.
It’s the sin of the modern world. Everyone thinks the sun revolves around them, and they walk around everywhere yakking or texting on their cell phones, carelessly bumping into
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