Cure for Bubonic Plague?


There were no cures that people had at the time for the Bubonic Plague. Many people attempted to cure the Bubonic Plague with herbs and home remedies. The Bubonic Plague spread rapidly and killed millions because there was not treatment for it at the time that it occurred.
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The bubonic plague was cured with antibiotics.
Many medieval doctors used bloodletting to cure patients of bubonic plague, but
It wasn't cured, it stopped for unknown reasons. Likely due to the fact that pits were made for the plague to run out of hosts.
Because the disease is still present today, many people wonder, "What is the cure for the bubonic plague?" Early treatments in the form of antibiotics offer a cure in 85
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To cure the Bubonic Plague, you must take antibiotics from a doctor that actually knows how to get rid of it. ...
There really is no worry about bubonic plague in this century. If there was a case they would cure it with antibiotics. To prevent the spread isolation would ...
Speaking through education on the subject, the Bubonic Plague affected people by literally sickening and killing them. The wide spread disease had extremely adverse ...
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