What Are the Dangers of Heating Pads?


Check the heating pad for signs of damage and wear. Cracked pads, exposed wires and broken cords are signs that the heating pad is not safe for use and should be replaced. Keep the cloth cover on the heating pad. Add additional cover if needed to
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What Are the Dangers of Heating Pads?
Although heating pads are a wonderful appliance to use for sore muscles and joints, aches and pains, and to warm up with, they can be dangerous if not used and maintained properly.... More »
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no it wont burn down the house, heat pad that say dont use on aquariums because, they may get damp and short out if the water is cold as the heat mat warms up it may cause the glass
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Heating pads are a therapeutic way of easing muscle aches and pains. This product can be found at any local retailer, depending on individual location. A few of ...
Electric heating pads can bring comfort to aching muscles. It is also used to relieve cramps that occur in your stomach and lower back. When you apply a heating ...
Making heating pads begins with the collection of several items. First, gather about 1/2 of a yard of heavy flannel material in any color that is desired. Then ...
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