What Are the Differences between North and South Italy?


The difference between North and South is: in South Italy it is largely influenced by the Greeks and the north are influenced by Germans and Celtics who also happen to be neighbouring countries. Also small factors such as daily life, politics and their traditions happen to be different.
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Northern Italy has more Gross Domestic Product and Gross Domestic Product per capita that Southern Italy. Economy wise North Italy is industrialized while the South is more rural and agricultural based. But geography they are basically the same.
Northern Italy has more GDP and GDP per capita that Southern Italy. Economy wise North industrialized, the South more Rural and Agricultural based. Geography is basically the same.
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The social differences between the North and the South of Italy are their greetings, family life, way of scheduling the day, superstitions and regional traditions.
In the north Butter is favored over oil for use in
This isn't really an answer, not a straight one. More answer by-way-of-anecdote, because some of the points already made on the thread probably answer the question (namely, family
North: more population, more connections to the rest of europe, better economy, lesser unemployment, better universities, better hospitals. the most economically/socially developed
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