What Are the Differences between the Stone Age and the New Stone Age?


The difference between the stone age and the new stone age are:1. In Old stone age, stone tools were made by chipping or flaking. However, in New stone age, stone tools were formed by polishing or grinding.2. Plant and animal domestication was only introduced in the New stone age.
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the different stone ages of man are the Paleolithic Period, And The Neolithic Period.
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[CP] The final stage of the stoneworking industries in sub-Saharan Africa dating to the period from about 30 000 years ago down into historical times.
The latest part of the Stone Age beginning about 10,000 BC in the Middle
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The main difference between the old stone age and the new stone age is that the old stone age is prehistoric and the new stone age is after history began. ...
Stone Age refers to the pre-historic period when people used stones for most of the things they did. Implements with a cutting-edge, sharp point or percussion ...
The Stone Age is a period of prehistory and is the predecessor to the Bronze and Iron Ages. The Stone Age is characterized by the use of non-metal items, like ...
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