What Are the Different Camcorder Formats?


Different camcorder formats include miniDV, DVD, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), and the Memory Card. MiniDV was the earliest, having been introduced in 1966, DVD launched in 2001, while Hard Disk Drive is the latest format being used in camcorders. DVD also occurs in different formats; DVD-R, DVD-RAM, and DVD-RW.
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The VHS Family. The VHS Camcorder was very popular for years, and many people still own a VHS camcorder and VCR. These camcorders are no longer available new and have become an expensive
JVC uses one of two types of Moving Picture Experts Group files. MPEG-2 files are larger and generally higher quality than MPEG-4s, as the latter eliminate more of the recorded information
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CCD camcorders and CMOS camcorders have huge differences, mostly the graphics and frames the camcorder may get. One may be HD while the other is only 240P.
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