What Are the Different Decision Making Models?


Different decision making models include the rational decision making model, the seven step decision making model, intuitive decision making models and the recognition primed decision making model. The type of model employed depends on the type of decision being made. The rational decision making model is the most popular.
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Answer The answer is actually -Analytical Techniques -Algorithms -Heuristics -Blind Searches Those are the approches While Tabu Search is not. Decision Making is a basic function
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"Autocratic" comes from the Greek "auto, meaning "self" or "alone, and "kratos, which means "power. An autocratic person is a person who governs
Well research in decision making has focused a great deal on context; a thorough understanding of the context where a given decision will be made plays a role in overall success.
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The different decision making models include the economic rationality model, the social model and Simon's bounded rationality model. Others are Judgemental heuristics and biases model as well as participative decision-making techniques. All these models have their pros as well as cons and thus are chosen depending with the use and expected results.
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