What Are the Different Parts of a Volcano?


A volcano is a hill or mountain that is made when the magma from the core of the Earth erupts to on opening on the top known as a crater. The volcano consists of the magma chamber, the central vent and the smaller vent which comes out at the side of the volcano.
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There are different parts of a volcano which include; the magma chamber, lava, main vent, crater, pyroclastic flow, ash cloud, volcanic bombs, secondary vent and secondary cone. A volcano is a physical landform, formed from as magma that forces its way up through the mantle.
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There are many parts to a volcano. Some of these include the base, flank, sill, conduit, dike, ash, vent, ash cloud, crater, summit, lava, throat, and magma reservoir ...
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The difference between a mountain and a volcano is that while a volcano is formed by the eruption of lava, mountain can be formed by various other processes including ...
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