What Are the Different Types of Computer?


The common types of computers include analogue, digital and hybrid. An analogue computer is almost a wiped out type of computer in the current days. Digital computers normally use digital circuits and are intended to function on two states, bits 0 and 1. On the other hand, hybrid computers are types of computers are a combination of both analogue and digital computers.
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There are two different types of computers which are analogue computers and hybrid computers. The analogue computers are almost a wiped out type and it is different from a digital computer in reverence that it can perform frequent mathematical operations simultaneously. Hybrid computers are a combination of both analogue and digital computers.
There are different types of computers some of which include analog, digital and hybrid. They can also be classified according to their size and these includes the desktop, lap top, net book and PDA. Another way of computer classification is according to their processing power.
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