What Are the Different Types of Drill Bits?


The right type of drill bit that has been sharpened appropriately must be used for one to drill a satisfactory hole in any material. There are several different types of drill bits, which are each designed for specific applications, and also vary in size. They include twist bits, screwdriver bit drills, masonry bits, spur point bits, bullet pilot point, countersink bit, countersink bit with clearance drill, tile bit, flat wood bit, hole saw, combination hole saw, forstner bit and the wood auger bit.
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Twist Bit The twist bit is the most common drill bit and can be used for a wide field of general drilling tasks in wood, soft or thin metal, and plastic. Spade Bit Sometimes referred
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Twist bits, also called twist drills, are slightly pointed cylinders with fluted edges. Pressure on the bit forces the tip into the work piece. The flutes carry away waste material,
Bullets come in many different types for many different uses. The most common types of bullets include hollow point. boat tail, wad cutter, lead, round nose and the full metal jacket
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What Are the Different Types of Drill Bits?
Power drills are an essential tool in your home-improvement arsenal and there is a drill bit for almost every type of application. These drills bits may be made from steel or cobalt and have special coatings and tips like titanium, carbide, or diamond... More »
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