What Are the Different Types of Earring Backs?


There are several types of different earring backs. These types include push-on, screw-on back, and partial-screw backs. In addition, you have plastic stoppers, plastic and rubber backs, and earring clasp.
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The backs are the simplest and the cheapest. Shaped somewhat like "Mickey Mouse" ears, the back has a tiny hole to fit the earring post in, and slides over the rivets on
the only kind i know of are hoop earrings, dangley earrings (i think that's what they are called) and the ball ones which are small. Several types I know of are: chandelier earrings
Gauging for earrings range anywhere from 22g which is tiny to over 00
There are earrings that double as a necklace: http://www.etsy.com/listing/84799645/bac…. There are wooden (tribal inspired) earrings: http://www.etsy.com/listing/81097273/fak
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What Are the Different Types of Earring Backs?
Earrings come in many sizes, metals and variations, as do their counterparts, earring backs. Earring backs are the front line when it comes to keeping earrings on, and helps you avoid losing that expensive pair. Trying several types of earring backs to... More »
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