What Are the Different Types of Kiosks?


The different types of kiosks include: point-of-information kiosks, product promotion kiosks, service or transaction kiosks, product-dispensing kiosks, and internet Commerce kiosks. Based on their functions, kiosks will generally fit into one or more of the above listed categories.
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The kiosk is a booth with a computer. For example, you can see them at stores whereby you can fill-out a job application. The vending machine is is filled with items you can purchase
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What Are the Different Types of Kiosks?
Kiosks are self-contained units that provide information, render services, and rent or sell goods to people. You can use one to accomplish all sorts of tasks, such as ordering prints from a digital camera, applying for a job or renting a DVD. Kiosks... More »
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