What some different types of soil?


The common types of soils include sandy soil, which has a dry and gritty feel in addition to being free draining; silt soil that easily compacts and drains better than sandy soil, and clay soil that has a high capacity of retaining water. Other soil types are peaty soil, saline soil and loam soil.
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Chalk and sand are among the lowest quality soil types to grow plants in, though for different reasons. Chalk, which is usually found over lime beds, has a high lime content and dries
You are probably referring to the. three particle sizes. of soil, which are. sand, silt. and. clay. There are somewhere around 20,000 different soil types (called soil series) in
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Soil is a mixture of tiny particles of rocks, dead plants or animals,
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What Are the Different Soil Types?
Scientists determine soil types by the size of the grains. You can find coarse-grained and fine-grained soil as well as organic soil and a variety of mixtures. Home gardeners should understand the difference in soil types so that they can properly... More »
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There are three basic types of soil which are sand, silt and clay. The texture of the soil depends on how it looks and feels and the amount of each one in that particular soil. Every type of soil has a specific colour, texture and water holding capacity.
The different types of soil that are there are sandy soil, silty soil, clay soil, loamy soil, peaty soil and chalky soil. They are classified according to the size of their particles or where they are generally found and formed.
Soil is distinguished by the size of the rock particles in it. For instance, clay contains particles of rock that are very small. Sand contains particles that are much larger. You can find more information here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/soil
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