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The dimensions of a basketball court are a length of 94 feet or 28.2 meters and a width if of 50 feet or 15 meters. These dimensions are for professional basket ball courts. Those for colleges and high schools have a length of 84 feet or 25.2 meters.
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The dimensions of a high school gym's basketball court are 84 ft by 50 ft. A Junior High School's basketball court is 74 ft. by 50 ft. NBA basketball courts are each 94 ft. by 50
94 feet x 50 feet or 31.33 yards x 16.66 yards Source(s): Yahoo search: basketball court dimensions
History Basketball was a sport that started in 1891 when a physical education teacher wanted to find a way for his students to stay physically fit during the long, hard winters that
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An NBA or NCAA basketball court is 94' x 50', making its area 4700 square feet.
Non-regulation courts and prep school regulation courts are smaller, and thus have slightly less area.
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The accepted dimension for a basketball court is 8.65m long by 15.24m wide. A high school court is smaller having a size of 25m by 15m while some elementary schools ...
A basketball is an inflated ball that is used in the game of basketball. Basketball is a team sport that is played on a court by 2 teams that are comprised of ...
The standard dimensions of a basket ball back stop are designated by the NBA as 72 inches wide and 42 inches high. The rectangular goal above the rim is 24 inches ...
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