What Are the Disadvantages of a Memory Stick?


A memory stick is a flash memory chip used in cameras and other media devices to store tons of multimedia data. The main disadvantage of the memory stick is that if in case you lost the memory stick then your sensitive files can be easily accessed by anyone. They are also quite expensive to buy, small so easy to lose, and they can take viruses from one computer to another.
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Memory Stick Overview Memory Sticks are the preferred flash memory format for Sony products, and are featured on almost all Sony cameras, Mp3 players, cell phones, and Playstation
Dont format i did and i lost all my data and all my downloaded games.
- capacity vs price is exponential. - usually the size/weight of the stick is directly related to the capacity - no standard in memory stick controller chips so in come cases, the
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What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Memory Stick?
Sony's Memory Stick has numerous disadvantages compared to other formats, including acceptance, price, size and form. Some of these issues, such as form, can be overcome with an adaptor.... More »
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