What Are the Disadvantages of Internet?


Some of the advantages of internet are easy access of information as well as quick delivery of message and fast communication. Internet also revolutionises the entertainment industry and shopping becomes much easier and cheaper by use of internet.
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In recent years, large companies have set up internet-only banks as a means of diversifying into the financial sector and providing personal banking services. For a company, the greatest
advantages: you dont have to see them or talk to them in person. disadvantages: its not really a serious relatinship and you dont know who your talking to. just because they say there
One advantage of using a Voice over Internet Protocol is its low price. VoIP service offers customers a low monthly rate, and additional services, such as caller ID, call forwarding
Installing turbines to create a wind farms requires a large upfront investment. The energy generated by the turbines is meant to pay back the initial cost over time, but the profitability
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One primary disadvantage of the internet is that, children may get exposed to information that they are not supposed to access such as pornographic materials, violent music and movies, which have bad language. The internet has also encouraged fraudsters who benefit from innocent users who are easily deceived to give their bank details and send money to get fake products.
The disadvantages of the internet include access of personal information such as your name and address by other people and clogging up of unsolicited e-mails that serve no purpose and are unnecessary. Internet can also be dangerous on children due to pornography which distorts their emotional growth.
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