Advantages and Disadvantages of Pesticides?


The disadvantages of using pesticides are: they are harmful to the environment, may kill non-target species, may be dangerous to their users, and they may pose a danger to native species. These chemicals may cause illnesses to human beings, if they are not properly handled.
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Pesticides are poisons. As such, there are many ways that pesticides can be harmful. Although pesticides are usually used to kill a particular target pest, many will also kill or
One of the major advantages of of pesticides is that its
Advantage: Pests which spread diseases (think mosquitoes) are eliminated. Crops are preserved. Disadvantage: Pesticides are poisonous and need to be regulated. unregulated pesticides
1.destruction of ecofriendly pests. 2.water pollution. 3.extinction of small living organisms. 4.diseases
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