What Are the Effects of a Tornado?


Tornadoes are massive thunderstorms that are very disastrous, destroying property and lives. Tornadoes are caused by the mix of cold and hot air, which brews a thunderstorm with an updraft. Tornadoes are usually accompanied by lightning, rain, wind and hail.
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Tornadoes often result in damaged or destroyed property and may kill or injure people.
Most communities that have tornado sirens installed will test these sirens on a regular basis. Not only do the tests ensure that the outdoor warning sirens are still operating properly
The Fujita Tornado Damage Scale, or F-Scale, is a rating scale that measures the wind speed of a tornado. A level ranging from F0 to F5 (from weakest to strongest) is assigned based
Tornadoes are very powerful, and can throw around large heavy objects which, if they strike someone, can cause injury or death. A certain number of people die as a result of tornadoes
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The effects of a tornado can be devastating. Tornadoes can cause a path of destruction on homes, farms and cities. It is best to seek shelter during a storm for protection. You can find more information here: http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/edu/safety/tornadoguide.html
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