What Are the Effects of a Tornado?


Tornadoes are massive thunderstorms that are very disastrous, destroying property and lives. Tornadoes are caused by the mix of cold and hot air, which brews a thunderstorm with an updraft. Tornadoes are usually accompanied by lightning, rain, wind and hail.
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Tornadoes are density-independent factors that limit population. This is a good thing if there is an overpopulated organism in an area.
A tornado tracking through a forest may flatten large areas of timber, uprooting trees or snapping them off at the trunk. A 2007 tornado felled close to 14,000 acres of woods in northern
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Tornadoes are exceedingly violent and dangerous funnel clouds that have rotation and high wind speeds that come in contact with the earth. Tornadoes typically have speeds between
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The effects of a tornado can be devastating. Tornadoes can cause a path of destruction on homes, farms and cities. It is best to seek shelter during a storm for protection. You can find more information here: http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/edu/safety/tornadoguide.html
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