What Are the Effects of Noise Pollution?


The noise pollution may lead to effects such as hearing impairment, interference with spoken communication, sleep disturbances and cardiovascular disturbances. Noise pollution may also lead to disturbances in mental health, negative social behaviour and annoyance reactions.
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1.impact of hearing ability. 2.impact on general health. search about it on other sites.
1. Creating some sort of heavy screening between the noise source and your home is your first focus. You can build a solid wall with brick, cement, block or other thick, noise-absorbing
lead to partial or complete deaf
1. Understand what causes noise pollution. As the world becomes more advanced, noise increases. The most common form of noise pollution now is from transportation, mainly cars, motorbikes
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In humans, apart from annoyance, exposure to high levels of noise for a long period can increase blood pressure, cause deafness, and other cardiac issues. Noise ...
Noise pollution is excessive, unwanted and disturbing sound that disrupts normal activities, such as conversation and sleep. It diminishes a person’s ...
Pollution is the introduction into the environment of a thing or substance that has poisonous or harmful effects. The pollution is typically by chemical or other ...
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