What are the effects of pollution?


Some of the effects of pollution include reducing lung functioning, cardiovascular problems, and premature death. It can also cause acid rain, food insecurity, and extinction of various organisms. Pollution is the introduction of substances that can cause harm to the environment.
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Eutrophication is a term ecologists use to describe an increase in nutrients in an aquatic community like a pond or a lake or a wetland. An increase in nutrient levels, or eutrophication
Effects of Land Pollution. 1. Effects on Climate. Land pollution can affect the general environment of the Earth. Land pollutions leads to loss in the forest cover of Earth. This
Burning sensation can grip your chest, you could be coming down with a cold as well. Air pollution interferes with the workings of your heart and lungs, aggravates asthma and weakens
Vegetation will suffer along with destroyed infrastructures due to
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Pollution has been in existence for quite sometime now and humans are to cause. The effects of pollution can result in asthma attacks and respiratory disease. You can find more information here: http://www.tropical-rainforest-animals.com/pollution-effects.html
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