What are the effects of pollution?


Some of the effects of pollution include reducing lung functioning, cardiovascular problems, and premature death. It can also cause acid rain, food insecurity, and extinction of various organisms. Pollution is the introduction of substances that can cause harm to the environment.
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Answer air pollution causes lung in fections, broncyties,and oter serious problems. water pollution leads to to disease called cholara,thyphoid,malaria etc. sound pollution affects
Although trees and plants are not sentient, they are still living organisms. More importantly, they are the backbone of the forest ecosystem, since a forest cannot exist without vegetation
States report that nonpoint source pollution is the leading remaining cause of water quality problems. The effects of nonpoint source pollutants on specific waters vary and may not
Humans are effected greatly by pollution. One major example is global warming. Our ozone layer acts as a shield that does not allow a lot of the suns rays to hit us. As we create
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Pollution has been in existence for quite sometime now and humans are to cause. The effects of pollution can result in asthma attacks and respiratory disease. You can find more information here: http://www.tropical-rainforest-animals.com/pollution-effects.html
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