What Are the Elements of Communication?


The elements of communication are approach which involves the choice of medium, tone and timing. Another element is development, clarity, style in terms of word choice and correctness or accuracy. The feedback is also important since it portrays the reactions of the receiver.
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The basic elements of the process of communication include the communicator, the receiver of the communication, the message or subject matter, the media or channel through which the message is delivered, and feedback. You can find more information here: http://www.easycommunication.info/basic-elements-of-communication
Communication is a very hard concept for many people to effectively live out. A very critical element of communication is respect. With respect, you will give others your full attention and respect them enough to evaluate and remember what they are saying.
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The basic elements of communication are; the sender, the receiver, the message, the channel and feedback. The sender codes the information or message, chooses ...
Some of the most important elements in the communication process are: sender, receiver, channel, encoding and feedback. For the communication process to be complete ...
The seven elements in the speech communication process are as follows: sender, message, receiver, feedback, channel (or medium), interference and situation. All ...
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