What are the elements of culture?


The elements of culture include language, types of norms and social control. Of all these language is the main element of culture. Other elements are theories of deviance, statuses, roles, values, beliefs and ideologies as well as social collectives.
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Organizational artifacts can consist of visible items that symbolize culture. An artifact may be as formal as an employee handbook or a company logo, or as informal as flowers in
A successful culture is not the same as a better culture. American. consumerism. is a very successful culture. Not even Americans argue that the McDonaldization of the world is a
Chinese food, tigers, and kung fu.
8 Elements of culture - religion, daily life, history, arts, government, economy,
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The basic elements of culture are language, norms, theories of deviance, values, beliefs and ideologies, social collectives, statuses and roles, and cultural integration.
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