What Are the Five Foundations of Democracy?


What the five foundations of democracy are is a question that men have been asking since forming this country. Access to justice is one of the most important foundations. Another foundation of democracy is citizenship. There must be equality for all involved in a democracy. Another foundation of government is freedom of the press. The press is allowed to print truthful information. Information that is false or cannot be proven could be considered libel. Freedom of conscience is another foundation of democracy. Economic freedom is the final foundation of a democracy.
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-Rule of Law (everyone including the government are bound together by the laws) all citizens must follow the laws of the country. the laws are not biased. the laws are made public
Foundations of Democracy, is a social studies program based on 4 concepts:
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Democracy is a government where people make the decisions with the help of voting power. Following are 5 countries that practice Democracy: United States of America United Kingdom
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