Functions of Education?


The functions of education include all round development of personality, moral development, preservation of culture and civilisation, emotional integration, adjustment to environment and national security among others. Education is necessary for every society and individual.
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Most theories applied to educational administration originated elsewhere—mainly the business world. The most commonly applied theories come from the field of organizational
define: how can education at the maxim help as an individual?
Modern education socializes children into obediance. The majority of the 'skills' taught in schools can be performed better by inexpensive machines. Schools keep the masses stupid
Manifest functions are consequences that are intended and commonly
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Manifest Function of Education is the concept that help education function properly and this include socialization where scholars are taught about specific subject ...
Population education is important because it changes the way we use natural resources and function as societies. Population education also teaches students to ...
Computers have numerous applications in education. Their primary function is to act as a tool to facilitate learning. They do this by allowing students to perform ...
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