What are the major functions of the muscular system?


There are various functions of the muscular system and some of these are: creation of movement, protection of organs and pumping of blood, and easing of blood flow. The system is also vital in digestion; whereby, smooth muscles in the stomach and intestines process the eaten food.
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Without muscles, your body wouldn't move. You wouldn't be able to breathe, walk, excrete waste or even have a beating heart without muscles. Though people usually are familiar with
Some muscles are attached tobones.They enable to move by contracting and relaxing.Other muscles are those in the heart,stomach and intestines.When you eat and the food goes down to
The major functions of the muscular system are: 1. Body movement due to the contraction of skeletal muscles 2. Maintenance of posture also due to skeletal muscles 3. Respiration due
We have three types of muscles: cardiac muscle, smooth muscles, and
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The muscular system has different functions, for instance, it directs the muscles to contract and expand according to the need of the situations and it maintains the stability and posture of the body. It also helps in generating heat to the body.
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