Harmonious Colours?


Harmonious colours are closely related hues or pure colours that are used in a colour scheme. Some of one colour is found in another colour, for instance, orange and green are in harmony with yellow because they both have yellow in them. A harmonious colour scheme produces a feeling of tranquillity and peace.
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Harmony is a term arising from music and it describes the process of playing or singing two or more different notes at the same time to form chords. Usually this produces sounds which
discordant and harmonius colors are about color relationships, so you need at least 2 colors basically discordant colors clash, they don't go well together harmonious colors look
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A harmonious colour is one that is next to another colour on the colour wheel or very close to it for example, red is near rust and rust is near terracotta. It is very easy to produce a balanced, unified scheme using harmonious colours.
Harmonious colours are colours which side by side on the colour wheel which means they are relative or analogous. For example, red is near rust, which is near terracotta.
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