What are the high and low temperatures on Saturn?


Saturn's average high temperature is 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Its average low temperature is -250 degrees Fahrenheit. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and a gas giant.
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The temperature in the upper atmosphere of Saturn is approximately -175°C, which increases closer to the center of the planet. Saturn has a very hot interior, reaching 11,700
The moisture content in any given area where a supercell forms can cause it to be any of the three types. In weather conditions, moisture content is the amount of water in the air
Saturn has a surface temperature of - depending on the depth of the atmosphere: 1 Bar: 134K, -139.15o Celsius, -218.47o Fahrenheit 0.1 bar: 84 K, -189.15o Celsius, -308.47o Fahrenheit
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