Importance of Chemistry?


The importance of chemistry includes: cleaning, medicine and understanding the environmental issues. Most importantly it helps us in understanding our environment as everything around us is made up of chemicals. The changes that take place around the world are caused by chemical reactions.
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The negatively charged atom serving as the point of attraction for the hydrogen atom is referred to as the hydrogen-bond donor. Once the two molecules are close enough to correspond
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Electronegativity is a measure of the chemical reactivity; see a table at the link below.
Biology is the study of biological organisms and processes. All biological organisms and processes are created, maintained and changed through chemical processes and are made up of
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Chemistry is important because the existence of life is based on chemical reactions.
Chemistry helps us understand the composition of vitamins, supplements and drugs. It also helps us decide what cleaner is best for dishes, laundry and the home as well as what chemical reactions take place when we breathe and eat.
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The definition of colloid chemistry is the science of the composition, properties, structure, and reactions of matter, especially of molecular and atomic systems ...
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