Vodka Ingredients?


Vodka is an alcoholic beverage from Russia and Poland which is usually made from rye or potatoes if it is from Eastern Europe and molasses from other parts of the world as well as water.
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Clean and crisp with faint lemon pie aromas a faint taste of baked bread adds an extra dimension character to be of martini quality six parts to one part of dry vermouth.
Vodka is a clear alcoholic beverage made from grain mash. This is generally made in Russia and there are many variations in quality and alcoholic content.
Vodka is made from food items containing starches: sugar beet, molasses,
Vodka Gimlet: 3 shots Vodka; 1/2 shot fresh key lime juice;splash of Rose's lime juice;splash of water
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The major ingredients of vodka are water and ethanol. It has an alcohol content ranging from 35 percent to 60 percent by capacity and it is said to have been initially created from potatoes in Russia for medicinal purposes.
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The main ingredient in most vodkas is some kind of grain, such as wheat, corn or rye. Potatoes are another common base ingredient for vodka, according to ...
The ingredients of Smirnoff Vodka are: 11.3 grams alcohol, grains of wheat and a distillate, which is usually water. Vodka contains 288 kilojoules of energy and ...
Vodka is an effective ingredient in an all-natural, pesticide-free head lice remedy. To make, mix 2 ounces of vodka with 20 drops of tea tree oil. Apply the mixture ...
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