What Are the Laws of Alchemy?


There are no laws of alchemy, only understanding by the individual involved. The simplest way to describe 'the laws' would be that everything is repeated, both large and small.
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There are many laws of alchemy, but the first and most important one is the fact that every thing has life and every life is part of something. This principle is called the "
equivulant exchange In order to get something of equal value must give somethin equal value
The first and only law of alchemy is that human kind cannot gain anything without
Alchemy is a language of symbols. The most widely accepted text is the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, the thricefold magus. The truest words upon the tablet I take as my own
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The first thing you will have to do is understand the rules and regulations that guide the science. There are laws and many forbidden actions. You can find more ...
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