What Are the Long Term Effects of a Spinal Fusion?


The long term effects of a spinal fusion is perpetual back pain due to the stress and strain caused by the immobilization of a part of the spine. Spinal fusion changes the biomechanics of the spine for good.
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Spinal Fusion
Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure in which two or more vertebrae are permanently joined into one solid bone with no space between them. The vertebrae are the small, interlocking bones of the spine. In spinal fusion, extra bone is used to fill the space that usually exists between the two separate vertebrae. When the bone heals, there is. . . More »
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Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that is often used to remedy degenerative disc disease. The break down of cartilaginous discs that separate the spinal vertebrae due to injury
My answer wasn't incorrect, I was simply unaware that in rare cases, amputation can happen when the brain cuts circulation to an appendage. As to mortality, I don't believe pure viral
The common long term effects of spinal meningitis include: brain
Not medical advice. It ranges from headache to damage of the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots.
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