What Are the Main Types of Rocks You Would Find in the Cascades near the Ocean?


The types of rocks you would find in the cascades and near the ocean are Igneous-hot rocks, Metamorphic-Morp rocks and Sedementary-dirt rocks. Igneous rocks are made from liquid magma from volcanoes, when the magma cools it forms the rock. Morp rocks start as a parent rock and forms when the sedementary rocks go through physical and chemical changes. The sedementary rocks are formed when particles of other rocks are broken down by weather such as wind and rain.
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If I am understanding your question correctly.the MAIN type of rock (since there are many types) found in the Cascades are Volcanics. Any typically, volcanics are also found near
Because of the cascades there are a lot of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Oregon caves is a great example of metamorphic rocks. It is made from marble. I would expect mostly sedimentary
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