What are the measurements for a CD cover?


The finished dimensions of a CD cover are 4.72 inches by 4.72 inches. Designers work with dimensions of 4.97 inches by 4.97 inches, which includes an extra ? inch of bleed area on all sides to prevent an accidental white border when printing.

The inlay card that placed inside of a CD case is slightly larger in area because its edges fold up to cover the depth of the case. This inlay is 5.46 inches wide by 4.646 inches tall. The folding lines are 0.25 inch wide on both sides. When designing cover art with graphic design software, the pixel dimensions for a CD cover are 1,425 pixels by 1,425 pixels at 300 pixels per inch.

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That would depend on what size cd jacket you are talking about. Thank you
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To be exact: for CDs, the size of the cover is 4.75" x 4.72" Tray card size is 5.4" x 4.63" report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 11:08PM
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