List the Names of Fish in Finding Nemo?


The names of the fish in the animation film Finding Nemo are: Marlin, Dory, Nemo, Gill, Bloat, Peach, Gurgle, Bubbles, Deb/Flo, Jacques, Nigel, Crush, Coral, Squirt and Mr. Ray. The film is about a clownfish setting out a journey to bring his son back after he is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney.
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The kind of fish in the movie Finding Nemo are the animated, computer generated type. They were patterned after real-life varieties like a Great White Shark (Bruce) and a Clownfish
Not entirely sure if you are asking for the species of fish or the names of the characters: Nemo - Clownfish. Marlin (Nemo's father) - Clownfish. Dory - Pacific Regal Blue Tang. Gill
The main characters in Finding Nemo were Marlin, Nemo, and Dory.
It's an angler fish. They are a bony fish. Source(s):
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There are many different fish species in the movie, Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is the name of an animated movie that came out in the year of 2003. One of the fish ...
The jelly fish was not a character that had an actual name in the movie Finding Nemo. When Dory saw the jellyfish she said she would call it Squishy. The jellyfish ...
The sharks in the Disney movie "Finding Nemo" try to be friends with the fish instead of predators. The main shark's name is Bruce and ...
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