What are the names of the characters in "The Three Stooges"?


The names of the three stooges are Moe Howard born Moses Horwitz on 19th June 1897 in Bensonhurst in New York, Curly Howard born Jerome Lester Horwitz on 22nd October1903 and Shemp Howard born Samuel Horwitz in Brooklyn in March 17th 1895.
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There were only three stooges at a time, but six of them altogether. 1) Moe Howard (Moses Horwitz) 2) Larry Fine (Louis Fienberg) 3) Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz) 4) Curly Howard
There names were Larry, Curly and Moe;
The names of the 3 stooges were Larry Fine, Mo Howard & Joe Derita. Moe Howard is also known as the "Boss Stooge"
Bobby Farrelly: "We've been working on it for about 10 years maybe longer. We finally just got it into pre-production. We are going to shoot it a little later this spring. Right
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