What Are the New Postage Rates?


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USPS Postage Rates
First-Class Postcard: $0.34
First-Class Letter: $0.49
International Letter: $1.15
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In the UK, the postage rates were changed in 2006 where the stamps for the 1st class [100g] letter were set at 46 pounds. The first class for the larger letter is 75 pounds for the stamps and 55 pounds for the franking. The rates however keep changing and updates need to be checked often.
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Postage rates in the United Kingdom differ from those in the United States. The UK postage system is also known as Royal Mail and a first class postage stamp ...
The postage rate varies depending on the weight of the letter and the class. For instance, as of May 2012, letters that weighed 0-100g cost 60p for first class ...
The postage rates in the United Kingdom vary depending on the size of letter to be sent as well as the class of postage. As of 2012, a small letter weighing 100 ...
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