What Are the Northern Lights?


Northern light is an aurora that occurs in earth's northern hemisphere. It is a natural light display in the sky mainly in the high latitude regions and is as a result of the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere.
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The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a luminous glow of the upper atmosphere which is caused by energetic particles that enter the atmosphere from above.
They are a natural phenomenon of the sky or curtains of colored light visible in the night sky
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The Northern Lights are technically called the Aurora Borealis. They are a created by particle collisions in the atmosphere. The colors that you see will vary greatly by the type
The Aurora Borealis, or any aurora for that matter, originates from the sun. Solar activity emits a cloud of gas known as a "coronal mass ejection. If the CME reaches the earth
1 Find the right location. Although it is possible to see the Northern Lights from some parts of the UK, the chances are far less likely than in more northerly countries that lie
The Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) occur in the northern hemisphere around the Arctic circle. The Southern lights (Aurora Australis) occur in the southern hemisphere around the
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Northern lights is the name of the natural light display in the sky especially in the high latitude regions. The lights are actually collisions between electrically ...
The Northern lights are a natural phenomenon found in the northern and southern hemispheres. They occur most frequently in a belt of a radius of 2500 km centered ...
This research paper is about the northern lights by Bethany Hammon and Alexandria Johnson. The northern lights are colors/streams of light that appear in the in ...
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