What Are the Odds of Winning a Million Dollars in the Illinois Lottery?


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Latest Illinois Lottery Results
PICK 3 DAY (Saturday, Apr 19) 184
PICK 3 EVE (Friday, Apr 18) 112
PICK 4 DAY (Saturday, Apr 19) 7537
PICK 4 EVE (Friday, Apr 18) 8747
Lotto (Thursday, Apr 17) 03-11-22-25-34-51
Lucky Day_EVE (Thursday, Dec 26) -- 11-15-30-34-39
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The odds of winning a million dollar prize in the Illinois State Lottery depend on how many tickets are sold. For example if 500,000 tickets are sold, the odds are about 1 in 125,000. You can find more information here: http://www.makli.com/illinois-lottery-st-patrick-s-day-0030333/
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Single state lotteries usually have odds around 18
Very poor. New York Lotto, for instance, is 6 balls in a field of 54, with two games played for a dollar. The odds of hitting the jackpot is thus 2 in 25,827,165.
Yes, it is 1 in 17.5 million assuming the tickets are all different. If some tickets are the same, the odds are lower. Embed Quote
There's no exact formula on how to win a lottery. It's a pure luck game. You have 1 in 15,890,700 chance of winning the lottery.
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