What Are the Parts of a Curling Iron?


A curling iron is a hair style instrument that uses heat to create temporary curls and waves in hair without having to set the hair with rollers. Pocket size curling irons can be kept in purses for curls on the go. They can create right curls, loose curls, or feminine waves for women who are tired of straight, flat hair. The parts of a curling iron include the swivel cord, the ready light, the heat meter, the spring, the ceramic barrel, and the on/off switch.
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Consumers and hair care professionals use tools to create different hair styles. A ceramic curling iron is a type of thermal hairstyling tool. Using this hairstyling tool provides
. Ceramic . Gold . Titanium . Chrome . Tourmaline I think the best material for curling irons are Ceramic and Tourmaline.
n. A rod-shaped metal implement used when heated to curl the hair.
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What Are the Parts of a Curling Iron?
The parts of a curling iron include the cord, which provides power, the temperature gauge, the rod, which houses the heating device, and the clamp that holds the hair in place. Learn the anatomy of a curling iron with information from a professional... More »
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