What Are the Parts of a Play?


A play has six main parts and they include: plot, character, theme, diction, sound and spectacle. The plot is the arrangement of events and happenings in the play whereas the character is the individual being presented in a play.
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A play is usually divided into acts and scenes. There might be a prologue at the beginning and an epilogue at the end. A prologue will be a short speech telling the audience what the play is about. The prologue will explain what happened to the characters after the play ended. It is divided into as many acts and scenes as needed to bring a point across to an audience. A play could even have just one act.
There are three different parts to a play. there is the beginning, the middle. and the ending. Typically the climax takes place near the ending of the play.
The parts in a play are the first half and the second half. Those two halves are divided by an intermission. Each half has acts in them. Each act has a certain amount of scenes. All plays are different lengths but these are the basic parts of a play.
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