What Are the Parts of a Speaker?


The main parts of a speaker are the diaphragm, the coil, the basket, dust cup and lead wires among others; the cabinet forms the outer housing of the speaker. There are low, mid and high range speakers that vary in quality.
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What Are the Parts of a Speaker?
Speakers may come in all different shapes, sizes and, of course, prices. However, their construction is relatively simple and similar. Though it may seem like there is a whole slew of advanced electronics in your speakers, they are actually quite basic.... More »
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Parts of a speaker include: crossover, speaker terminal, sub woofer, crossovers, acoustic stuffing, port tube, diaphragm, suspension, dust cap, basket, spider, magnet, and voice coil.
The parts of a speaker include; the speaker cone, the speaker magnet, the electrical connectors and the audio connectors. In most cases the speaker is housed in a wooden box.
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Crossovers are circuits that separate the frequencies of an incoming audio signal and route them to the specific driver where they need to go. High frequencies are played by the tweeter
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It's often just a dust cap to prevent stuff from getting into the voice coil behind it and causing scraping noises, though some of the "bullet" devices are actually part
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