Parts of a Wave?


A wave is made up of four distinct parts, these are: wavelength, amplitude, crest and trough. The crest is the highest part of the wave while the trough is the lowest part. Frequency is often not considered as part of a wave, but it marks the number of waves that appear in a specific time interval.
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There are several parts of a wave: crest and trough. the crest is when the wave is moving upward. The trough is when the wave is descending below the medium, which represents the middle line. You can find more information here:˜zona/mstm/physics/waves/partsOfAWave/waveParts.htm
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There are many parts of a wave. The wave, dissected, will have a shoulder, pit, face, trough and tube. Surfers that catch a wave will come down off the face into the trough and skim
The still-water line is the level of the ocean when not affected by the waves. This is the average height of the sea taken over a long period of time so that differences caused by
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Surfers use every part of a wave for surfing. So naturally, surfers have a neame for each part of a wave. Take a quick course in the parts of a surfing wave.
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The parts of a wave are the crest and trough and each has its own amplitude. Crest is the highest point of the wave frequency that has higher amplitude while trough ...
The parts of the transverse wave include the peak and the trough. Also included in the wave is the amplitude, or vertical movement. The wavelength is the final ...
A longitude wave is made of two main parts. Those parts are the compression and rarefaction. The best way to describe a longitude wave is that it is like a slinky ...
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