Parts of an Atom?


There are three parts of an atom: protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons have a positive charge and are found inside the nucleus of an atom, along with the neutrons, which have no charge. Electrons are negatively charged and are found in rings around the nucleus.
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1. Find the nucleus. The nucleus of an atom is always right smack dab in the middle of any atom, like the sun is in the middle of the solar system (but don't take that analogy too
Atoms actually have two parts, the nucleus (in the center) and the electron cloud (surrounding the nucleus) however the parts also have parts. A nucleus either has just a proton (
protons and neutrons.
Protons and neutrons.
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Atoms are the basis of chemistry. They are the basis for everything in the Universe. You should start by remembering that matter is composed of atoms. Atoms and the study... More »
Atoms are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons and have a nucleus (the center made of protons and neutrons), ionic bonds, isotopes, covalent bonds and metalic bonds. You can find more information here:
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An atom is made up of three parts, they are the protons, neutrons and electrons. the neutrons have no electric charge. The protons have a postive electric charge ...
Atoms are the basic building block of all known matter. They are composed of neutrons, protons, and neutrons and variations in the number of each determine their ...
The two forces that hold atoms together in a molecule are the electric force and the nuclear force. These forces bind the three parts of an atom, which include ...
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