Biggest to Smallest Planets?


Planets in order from largest to smallest are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Pluto. Pluto has, however, been declassified as a planet and classified as a dwarf planet.
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Jupiter is the largest and mercury is the smallest in our solar system.
Planetary order - Pluto (dwarf planet) Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth,
In the universe I would say the possibilities are infinite for the biggest planet. but smallest possible is aproximatly between a diameter of 2154 km and 3241 km. The largest known
Pluto(2,340 km) Mercury (4,880 km) Mars(6,794 km) Venus(12,103 km) Earth (12,756 km) Neptune(49,528 km) Uranus(51,118 km) Saturn(120,536 km) Jupiter(142,984 km) report this answer
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The smallest planet in the solar system is Mercury and the biggest planet is Jupiter. Despite its small size, Mercury is extremely dense, composed mostly of rock ...
Below is the order of Planets by Size beginning with the biggest to the smallest; Planet Jupiter, Planet Saturn, Planet Uranus, Planet Neptune, Planet Earth, Planet ...
The smallest planet orbiting the sun is Mercury, while the largest is Jupiter. Mercury is also the closest to the sun and measures 4879 km along its equator. Initially ...
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