Properties of Glass?


Glass is normally fragile, transparent and hard material common in our daily life. It is composed of mainly sand (silicates, SiO2) and an alkali materials fused together at high temperature and then cooled rapidly to form a crystalline regular structure.
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Glass is a hard material normally fragile and transparent common in our daily life. It is composed mainly of sand, soda ash and limestone which fuse together at high temperatures then are cooled rapidly to form glass.
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Glass is almost completely made of silica (silicon dioxide) the naturally occurring form of the element silicon. This is basically the same substance as quartz and common sand. Silica
Its optical transparency is what makes it so useful... Embed
None! Glass doesn't have magical properties but Celtic tribes once believed
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The physical properties of glass include the fact that it is durable, it is static and that it conducts heat. Also, glass is transparent in most forms. ...
Glass is a transparent compound which is made out of silica. It is hard and brittle. Chemical properties of glass include high energy of first ionization, very ...
To compare glass fragments, a ...
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